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As experts in entrepreneurial learning, we understand the different challenges you can face to grow your business or social enterprise to the next level.

That’s why we offer practical help and programmes to develop your growth goals and achieve them.

Business Growth Programmes

We offer programmes that can equip you and your business to:

Business Models and Planning

Need a fresh perspective? Engage with other business leaders, use our expert business knowledge and access the latest research available to help you grow your business.

Business Know-how

Access useful research on business and leadership to give yourself a leading edge over your competitors. We specialise in researching entrepreneurial thinking and activity.

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in-depth Case Studies

Putting Knowledge to Work

‘Working with MMU is probably the most enlightening piece of academic work I’ve ever done in my life, it was brilliant’.

Oliver Caunt of John Caunt Scientific talks about his experience of working with MMU on a high growth programme called 10,000 Small Businesses.

What course did you do?

John Caunt Scientific Ltd applied for the course 10,000 Small Businesses which is delivered in the North West of England by the Centre of Enterprise, part of MMU’s Business School. The primary aim of 10,000 Small Businesses is really to stimulate the economy through small and medium enterprises like ourselves. MMU’s delivery of the course was outstanding.

The course was split into a number of modules which cover fundamental aspects of running a business. It really opened my eyes into our own business. Being a small, family run business, you tend to be quite inward looking and never let go and reflect on how things are, and where you want to be. This course definitely gave me the opportunity to do this.

How did you and your business benefit from the course?

One of my biggest successes from completing the course is my self- confidence as the new Managing Director. The course has given me the confidence to take over the helm of our business in a positive and knowledgeable way. I am chasing opportunities, looking at strategic alignments and partnerships with companies we would have never considered if it was not for this course. We have applied a vast amount of subtle changes to the business which is now completely reshaping the future.

How did you find working with the university?

Working with MMU was excellent and it far exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone as the benefits are so rewarding.

As a result of working with MMU we are now a community of 22 small businesses – plus the next cohort and all the other cohorts that are going to develop and the binding glue that is behind all of that for the North West is MMU, and I think we will always be involved with the university now in one way or another. We’re a family now; I think it definitely feels like that.

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Founded in 1975, John Caunt Scientific Ltd is a family owned business which has recently implemented some key strategic changes. John Caunt Scientific Ltd. (JCS) is involved with the manufacture, sales and marketing of nuclear radiation detection, measurement instrumentation and also radiation shielding products.

In March 2011, Oliver successfully applied to join 10,000 Small Businesses in the North West, a fully funded programme that is being delivered by MMU.