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Qualifications for your Staff

Providing qualification opportunities is a great way to motivate and retain your promising staff.

On our courses your staff will able to complete assessments based on their work place and so be able to bring their learning directly back in to your organisation. Our courses enable staff to complete work-based learning assessments, bringing knowledge directly back into your business. Many of our courses include professional accreditation. Our part time courses have been designed with business needs in mind.

MMU awards for your staff

We have a number of courses for employees to gain a university qualification at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Courses

Your employees can study their whole degree with us on a part time basis. We will consider each students’ current qualifications and experience individually to place them on to the appropriate course at the appropriate level.

View our list of Undergraduate courses

Masters Courses

Our part time masters courses are largely delivered in short study blocks with online resources to minimise the disruption to your business.   Your staff will be working alongside other employees, sharing best practice and conducting research of direct benefit to your organisation.

View our list of Postgraduate courses

Tailor-made Courses

We can work with you to develop specific awards for your business. We will help you identify the skill requirements for your employees and develop university qualifications specific to your needs, with attendance and assessments designed to suit your business.

In-house company programmes can be enhanced by MMU accreditation. Let us work with you to explore and develop these further.

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in-depth Case Studies

McCann Manchester

McCann Manchester is one of the most successful global advertising agencies. A dramatic increase in digital competitor agencies prompted them to seek to differentiate themselves. To stand out from the crowd, improve understanding across the organisation and improve professional development and employee retention, McCann needed to embark on a world-class professional development programme.

We helped McCann to develop a unit in Strategic Planning for Digital Marketing Communications and followed this with an accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. Students benefit from up-to-date professional development in-house and rigorous academic study with the Business School. This level of study distinguishes McCann’s employees from others in a saturated graduate workforce whilst instilling a level of understanding about the total operation of the firm.

“Over the years the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University has provided us with a steady stream of high quality graduates. We worked closely with the Business School to obtain external accreditation for an internal training course that allows employees to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. This process gave the Business School a good understanding of McCann Manchester and the opportunities we can offer to their students, and has proved to be mutually beneficial.”

Tracey Harman

Talent & Development Manager

McCann Manchester

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