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Centre for International Business and Innovation - Welcome to CIBI

Centre for International Business and Innovation

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Welcome to the Centre for International Business and Innovation (CIBI) at MMU Business School. The centre was established in 2006 and has been led since its inception by Professor Heinz Tuselmann.

CIBI was created to bring together recognised scholars in the fields of international business and innovation studies, and to exploit the strong synergies between the two disciplinary fields in a period of rapid (economic and technological) globalisation.

In addition to examining the benefits of international trade and innovation, the Centre’s research addresses questions relating to the stresses that are introduced by on-going economic, technological and cultural shifts.

CIBI has a strong record of international level research and has extensive links with government departments, regional authorities and international organisations.

The centre is also closely linked with leading academic centres, business associations and a range of interest group organisations in Europe and beyond.

Core areas of research within CIBI include:

  • Internationalisation and multinational companies
  • International political economy
  • Innovation in the public, private and third sectors
  • Whilst research at CIBI is truly global in scope, the Centre houses specialist geographical expertise with respect to Western Europe, the Arab World and North America

News and Events

Dr Stephen Buzdugan co-authors new book The Long Battle for Global Governance

The Long Battle for Global Governance, co-written by centre member Dr Stephen Buzdugan and Anthony Payne, is now on sale. The book charts the manner in which largely excluded countries, variously described as ‘ex-colonial’, ‘underdeveloped’, ‘developing’, ‘Third World’ and lately ‘emerging’, have challenged their relationship with the dominant centres of power and major institutions of global governance across each decade from the 1940s to the present.

Professor Heinz Tuselmann's research on labour relations and MNC performance included in Academy of Social Science document launched by Vince Cable.

The Academy of Social Science (ASS) has produced a document with a few high profile cases on how research in management in business is contributing to economic and social development in the UK. The document is entitled: "Making the case for social sciences - management".

The research of Professor Heinz Tuselmann, who is the Director of the Business School's Centre for International Business and Innovation (CIBI), on labour relations and firm performance in foreign-owned multinationals in the UK has been selected for this. This work has also previously been used as written evidence by the Parliament Select Committee on the Future of UK Manufacturing, by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, Washington DC and has been included in publications of the International Labour Organization (ILO).
The ASS document was launched by the Rt Hon Vince Cable PM, Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills on 12 June 2012 at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in London. In his speech Vince Cable highlighted explicitly  to the importance and relevance of Heinz's research area for key areas of policy.

CIBI Affiliations

CIBI staff are members of the Academy of International Business and serve on the Executive Committee of the Academy of International Business UK & Ireland Chapter.

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CIBI staff are member of the Arab Thought Forum, Amman, Jordan. The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is an independent, intellectual, pan-Arab nongovernmental organization, which was established in 1981 in the wake of the 11th Arab Summit Conference, at the initiative of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, along with twenty-five leading figures in academia and the field of development in the Arab world. It seeks to investigate and diagnose Arab World's current state of affairs, prepare forecasts and formulate practical solutions and viable options on issues such as unity, development, national security, liberalization and progress. The Forum chose Amman as its General-Secretariat headquarters.

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CIBI is member of DIME – Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe –, a European Network of Excellence sponsored by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union. For more information visit:

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CIIBI is member of RESER, a European research network on services innovation. RESER contains 20 research groups active in services research and policy formulation located in 13 European countries.

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