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Case Studies — Agnieszka Chidlow

Methodological Issues in Cross-Country Research


As the scope of International Business (IB) research expands rapidly and scholars investigate a more diverse set of countries, attention to issues of methodology is becoming increasingly important: if the disciplinary field is to retain and improve its rigour and credibility, then a robust tool-kit and procedural map is essential.

In light of this, and in cooperation with eminent IB scholars from around the world, Agnieszka Chidlow at CIBI has initiated two research projects.

The first is designed to investigate topics relating to the rigour of mail-based data collection procedures, and the second focuses on language issues in relation to back-translation and assurance of equivalence in cross-country research.

Both projects are underpinned by primary data derived from leading IB journals published in the past decade. In general, the findings from the first project point to some key trends with respect to data collection procedures and breadth of countries surveyed, and the impact of these on achieved response rates.

The results of the second project indicate that IB scholars restrict themselves to a rather narrow lexical view of translation equivalence when undertaking survey research in cross-country settings. The findings from both projects have been presented at various international conferences and are scheduled for publication in highly ranked IB journals.

News and Events

Heinz Tuselmann's research on labour relations and MNC performance included in Academy of Social Science document launched by Vince Cable.

The Academy of Social Science (ASS) has produced a document with a few selected cases on how research in managment in business is contributing to economic and social development in the UK. The document is entitled: "Making the case for social sciences - management".
The research of Heinz Tuselmann on labour relations and firm perfomance in foreign MNCs in the UK has been selected for this. This work has also previously been used as written evidence by the Parliament Select Committee on the Future of UK Manufacturing. The ASS document has been launched by the Rt Hon Vince Cable PM, Secretary of State for Business and Skills.

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