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Centre for International Business and Innovation

PhDs in Innovation

CBI is particularly encouraging PhD applications in the following areas:

Innovation and late market entry

This research stream focuses on the dynamics of sequential technology competitions in which new technologies and new market entrants displace established technologies and firms.  In particular, the research will focus on the innovation strategies used by new technology firms to overcome the first mover advantages of established firms. PhDs working in this research stream will develop new theories and understandings that build on past research on network externalities, technological lock-in, and sequential technology competitions. Potential examples of late market entry include historical studies of Japanese car and motorbike manufacturers, and current examples such as digital cameras and mobile phones.

Services innovation in private and public sectors (incl. Health)

This research stream addresses the impact of services innovation on the economy, and the nature of innovation in services. We are looking for PhDs for a number of themes: (1) innovation in public health services, (2) knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS), and (3) innovation networks of public-private institutions. There is a unique opportunity for PhD candidates to work with the UK Community Innovation Survey (CIS) database.

Environmentally friendly technologies

This research stream focuses on the development and diffusion of technologies that are more environmentally friendly. Here there is particularly important role for the state and for public sector institutions in the innovation process. Government, along with firms and consumers, is key part of the selection environment. Public sector institutions are also an important source of innovations. PhDs working in this research stream will need to integrate government in order to develop insights into the generation, production and delivery of new, environmentally friendly technologies.

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News and Events

Heinz Tuselmann's research on labour relations and MNC performance included in Academy of Social Science document launched by Vince Cable.

The Academy of Social Science (ASS) has produced a document with a few selected cases on how research in managment in business is contributing to economic and social development in the UK. The document is entitled: "Making the case for social sciences - management".
The research of Heinz Tuselmann on labour relations and firm perfomance in foreign MNCs in the UK has been selected for this. This work has also previously been used as written evidence by the Parliament Select Committee on the Future of UK Manufacturing. The ASS document has been launched by the Rt Hon Vince Cable PM, Secretary of State for Business and Skills.

CIBI Affiliations

CIBI staff are members of the Academy of International Business and serve on the Executive Committee of the Academy of International Business UK & Ireland Chapter.

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CIBI staff are member of the Arab Thought Forum, Amman, Jordan. The Arab Thought Forum (ATF) is an independent, intellectual, pan-Arab nongovernmental organization, which was established in 1981 in the wake of the 11th Arab Summit Conference, at the initiative of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, along with twenty-five leading figures in academia and the field of development in the Arab world. It seeks to investigate and diagnose Arab World's current state of affairs, prepare forecasts and formulate practical solutions and viable options on issues such as unity, development, national security, liberalization and progress. The Forum chose Amman as its General-Secretariat headquarters.

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CIBI is member of DIME – Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe –, a European Network of Excellence sponsored by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union. For more information visit:

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CIIBI is member of RESER, a European research network on services innovation. RESER contains 20 research groups active in services research and policy formulation located in 13 European countries.

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