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Engage - Stimulating Third Sector
Engagement in the Health Sector Supply Chain

Project Leaders: Sue Baines and Mike Bull
Sponsors: Economic and Social Research Council
Project Partner: NHS Manchester

Engage is a business engagement research and knowledge transfer initiative co-developed by NHS Manchester with Manchester Metropolitan University, and informed by extensive consultation with Third Sector Organisations (Co-Operatives, Community and Voluntary Organisations and Social Enterprises).

We aim to facilitate dialogue that will stimulate and develop the impact that TSOs have in the agenda for change.

The engagement will be shaped by:

1. Third Sector engagement events - please see seminars for details.

2. Placement exchange between Third Sector, NHS and MMU.

3. Strategic awareness diagnostic Balance analysis.

4. Your views.

'Balance – a diagnostic strategic management analysis tool'
The Balance tool has been specifically designed for third sector organisations to critically reflect on their current management practices, identifying areas for organisational development.