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Engage - Who We Are


Engage - Stimulating Third Sector
Engagement in the Health Sector Supply Chain

Who We Are

Dr Susan  Baines

Specialist Areas

  • The modernisation of public services and the role of the third sector
  • Intersection of paid and unpaid work in the contexts of household, community and business
  • Work-life balance
  • Livelihoods in the creative industries

Research Interests

My longstanding interest in unpaid and atypical work was developed in a series of studies focusing on marginal self-employment, rural small business households, and artistic livelihoods. Academic outputs from these studies contributed to analysis of shifts in the boundaries between market produced services, state provided services, and household self provisioning. More recently my work has drawn on these foundations to explore volunteering and the persistence of unpaid work in the production of public services. Immediately before joining MMU I was a Principal Research Associate in the Social and Business Informatics (SBI) team within Newcastle University Business School. There I managed the evaluation component of a national e-government project known as FAME (Framework for Multi-Agency Environments). I have an ongoing interest in public services, especially their continued reliance on unpaid work (within and beyond the household).

I have recently completed two short projects under the ESRC 'Impact' Grants scheme. Both these projects were designed to ensure the translation into practice of academic research on aspects of volunteering and the third sector. They were:
'Broadening the base of the volunteer workforce' with Professor Irene Hardill of Nottingham Trent University ; and
'Delivering public services in the mixed economy of welfare', also with Irene Hardill as principal investigator and two more partners, Rob Wilson of Newcastle University and John Ramsey of Age Concern England.

I made a successful application to the ESRC Seminar Series Competition 2008 with Irene Hardill and Rob Wilson as co-applicants. We were encouraged to do this in response to the interest attracted by Delivering public services in the mixed economy of welfare, the success of the project workshops, and the general enthusiasm for carrying the work forward. The series is called 'Re-mixing the economy of welfare: what is emerging beyond the market and the state?'

Mike Bull

Mike Bull

Social Enterprise Research Fellow/Social Enterprise Subject Unit Leader
Tel: 0161 247 6043

Mike has worked in the Centre for Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2002


Social Enterprise Research at the Centre for Enterprise, Social Enterprise Subject Unit Leader for Final Year Undergraduate Degree programmes.

Mike is currently working with Susan Baines on an ESRC business engagement grant, co-funded by NHS Manchester project, entitled: Engage – Stimulating Third Sector Engagement in the Health Sector Supply Chain ( A 12 month scoping programme of seminars, workshops, focus groups and interviews that is intended to highlight the barriers facing third sector and social enterprise organisations in working with the local NHS here in Manchester.  

Mike is also currently co-authoring for Sage Publications a textbook on social enterprise, led by Rory Ridley-Duff of Sheffield Hallam University and also Pam Seanor from University of Huddersfield. See for details.

Mike is also involved in the development and commercialisation of a number of diagnostic tools developed during his time at Centre for Enterprise, see for details. Including Balance for social enterprises which now boasts over 300 organisations to benchmark against and LIBRA – a personal development diagnostic built in partnership with Harrow College.

Editorial and Review Team Board Social Enterprise Journal

Board member of SENW (Social Enterprise North West) –

Board member of Together Works – The Social Enterprise Network for Greater Manchester (

Mike is an external for University of Northampton.


Mike is a Research Fellow at Centre for Enterprise, and Unit Leader for Social Enterprise, a final year elective and core for undergraduate Business School students. Mike joined MMUBS in 2002 and has worked on several ERDF (European Regeneration Development Fund) and ESF (European Social Fund) projects. Prior to that Mike was a researcher at MIPC (Manchester Institute for Popular Culture) in MMU within the Sociology Department.

Mike has a Masters in Research from Manchester Metropolitan University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Management, both from University of Leicester. His first degree was a BSc (Hons) Combined Studies of Printing and Photographic Science with Social Studies of Technology and Mike also has a Higher National Diploma in Printing Management.

Industrial experience of 16 years in the printing industry, including; HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationery Office), Remploy Limited and numerous roles in SME’s. So private, public and third sector experience.

Research Agenda

Mike’s research interests in Social Enterprise are:

(i) The challenges in the business model and balancing social and enterprise.
(ii) Definitional debate and Ethical Capital.
(iii) The complexities in and between social enterprises, including those in transition from grant funding to contact funded to those that trade with customers.  
(iii) The management practices of social enterprises.

Mike is also interested in self reflection and diagnostic tools for individuals and SMEs. He is central to the development of a management analysis tool for the social sector called “Balance”