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Pluralist Political Economy cluster

47th Annual UK History of Economic Thought Conference

— Pluralist Political Economy knowledge cluster

Manchester School of Art
Manchester Metropolitan University

Benzie Building
12 Higher Chatham Street

M15 6ED

Day One – Wednesday

Registration and Lunch


Plenary session 1 – Chair: Fred Day

Claudia Jefferies & Andy Denis
The School of Salamanca as ‘proto-Austrian’?

Richard van den Berg
Two Concepts of Entrepreneurship in
Mid-18th Century Dictionary of Commerce

Tea & coffee

Plenary session 2 – Chair: TBC

Atsushi Masunaga
Foreign Trade, Profits, and Growth:
A Comparative Study of Ricardo and Malthus

Nobuhiko Nakazawa
A Note on the Possible Implications of Keynes’s Reading of
Malthus’s High Price of Provisions

Public lecture – Renee Prendergast (Queens University, Belfast)

Drinks reception (Benzie Building)

Evening meal at Efes Resturant (Mediterranean buffet meal)
46 Princess St, Manchester, M1 6HR

Day Two – Thursday

Tea & coffee

Plenary session 3 – Chair: Dimitrios Syrrakos

Andy Denis
Francis Horner and the Bullion debates

Jonathan Strange
To what extent is it legitimate to class Henry Thornton as a bullionist?

Tea & coffee

Plenary session 4 – Chair: John Simister

William Dixon & David Wilson
A History of Thought as Lesson for the 2007–08 Global Banking Crisis:
From Bad Ethics to Bad Banking

Jou Ishii
J.R. McCulloch on the Effect of Machinery


Afternoon activity
– A visit to Chetham’s Library, where Engels met Marx

Free break

Main Conference Dinner at Don Giovanni’s (Italian cuisine)
1–2 Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN

Day Three – Friday

Tea & coffee

Plenary session 5 – Chair: Niels Pedersen

Keiko Funaki
Harriet Martineau and Factory of Manchester:
From The Rioters (1827) to The Factory Controversy (1855)

John Vint
John Stuart Mill and the Bargaining Theory of Wages:
The ‘Double’ Recantation, and the Role of Prudence and Social Duty

Tea & coffee

Plenary session 6 – Chair: Fred Day

Motohiro Okada
Revisiting Böhm-Bawerk-Edgeworth Controversy

THET’s annual business meeting


Conference ends

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