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Call for Papers – Beyond GDP: can humanities show the way?

As part of the Manchester Metropolitan University Festival of Knowledge, a one-day symposium will take place on 4 November 2015 to examine the role and contribution of the humanities in awakening the imaginative and moral sense amongst participants.

The aim of the symposium is to determine the ways in which the various disciplines of the humanities inform and support individual and community aspirations. Therefore, the content will comprise a mix of theory, practice, evaluation and applications, for example in health, well-being, education or the criminal justice sector.

Seminar speakers will not solely present from an academic standpoint; the contribution of practitioners is encouraged as a necessary, indeed, foundational, aspect of the series. Bearing in mind the multi-disciplinary academic audience and the contribution from practitioners, all sessions ought to be presented in as plain and accessible a way as possible. We welcome presentations, which address one of the following themes:

  1. Phenomena, interpretation, meaning and narrative – the potential of imagination and the theory and application of awaking human creative imagination.
  2. Imaginative and creative relationships – the study of the humanities as a facilitator of social cohesion and non-market interactions.
  3. Fostering humanity – consideration of the potential of humanities in developing: empathy, sympathy, compassion and pro-social subjectivity.
  4. The ties that bind – the role of the humanities in the subjective motivation of the promotion of social justice.
  5. The relational state – the role of humanities in the social and political context, from the market economy to the moral economy.

Submitting Conference Proposal for Review

We welcome traditional presentations of 15–20 minutes with additional time for questions, pre-formed panels of speakers and posters; as well as alternative modes of presentation including artistic performance, film, photography and other creative and static exhibits.

Please ensure your proposal clearly states which of the five conference themes it addresses:

  1. Short Description: A short summary of the main idea of your proposal. This will appear in the Conference Program and will provide the information other delegates use to choose your session to attend. Absolute limit of 30 words.
  2. Longer Description: A concise description of the purpose, methods, and implications of your scholarly work. This will be used to evaluate and place your work in the appropriate session. Recommended length 150-200 words.
  3. Keyword Set: Keywords are used to organise presentations into appropriate sessions, so please choose words that clearly describe the main idea of your work. List only 2–3 keywords.
  4. Knowledge Focus: Choose if your work has a Practice, Research, or Theory focus.
  5. Theme Selection: Select the theme (from the 5 listed) that best categorizes your work. Theme selections will be used to begin the process of organizing presentations into sessions. Proposals related to topics other than these themes may also be considered.
  6. Biographical Information: Organisation or institution, position or title within the organisation/institution, short statement of interests.
  7. Language: Proposals and presentations must be in English.

Please send 250 word abstracts for a 20-minute presentation or workshop, 500 word abstracts for panels and 150 word abstracts for posters to:

The deadline for submissions is: Friday 26 June 2015.

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Further enquiries

Please direct any questions regarding abstracts to Kevin Albertson at . For any other enquiries, please contact Katherine Roycroft at

We look forward to welcoming you.

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