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Film screening of Blood Rising (2013)

Blood Rising poster

Location & introduction

Manchester Metropolitan University
Lecture Theatre 5 (LT5), Geoffrey Manton building
Rosamund Street West

M15 6LL

In connection with the event Painted Back to Life: with Irish Expressionist Artist Brian Maguire, we are also screening the acclaimed film Blood Rising.

Artist, Brian Maguire, the Director, Mark McLoughlin and Director of Frontline Defenders, Mary Lawlor, presented a screening of the film in the European Parliament in February. This is the first step in an international human rights campaign to bring attention to the hundreds of uninvestigated murders of young woman in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Ciudad Juarez is now the most dangerous city in the world. 438 young women were murdered there in 2010 and only 2 per cent of the cases have been properly investigated. Their mothers have been ignored by the police, government, judiciary and the media. Nobody has listened to the people’s cry for help and even though the Mexican government has sent in extra police and army they have become part of the problem, consumed by money, greed and drugs. The mothers have chosen to work with renowned artist, Brian Maguire, to communicate their stories to the outside world in the hope that the international pressure may bring some justice to their loss.

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