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New Knowledge Clusters

We plan to launch some new Knowledge Clusters soon. Find information here on how to apply to create a new one.

What is a knowledge cluster?

Knowledge is at the core of what we produce as a University, and subject expertise needs to be encouraged in teaching and research & enterprise, especially in light of the creation of larger departments.

Knowledge clusters reflect areas of specialism, professionalism and enthusiasm within MMU Business School that underpins teaching activities through research, enterprise or professional activity. In this respect, there are two important elements to knowledge clusters:

Teaching activities

These can be at the level of courses or units and at postgraduate and undergraduate level. In other words, a knowledge cluster might underpin a whole course, more than one course, or a collection of units but has to support at least one validated unit.

External activities

These are activities that can be described as one or more of the following:

  • Research
  • Enterprise
  • Professional

These activities have to include external stakeholders and be ‘boundary spanning’; they are dependent upon outside input in some way. Examples include research that is published in academic or practitioner journals or the organisation of regular conferences or symposia. Whereas enterprise might include developing products and services for commercial clients, and professional activity might include developing long-term employability projects with a group of specific employers or a professional body.

Whatever the external activities the group are involved in, they have to be successful – or, in other words, clearly add to the academic and professional reputation of MMU Business School

Who is responsible for the cluster?

An individual member of staff will be responsible for a cluster, within a specific department, but staff will be free to join whatever knowledge clusters they want, across departments, to reflect their teaching, research and other professional interests and activities.

Application information

If you have an idea for a Knowledge Cluster, please let us know by contacting our Research Project and Development Managers: Katherine Roycroft at (Mon–Wed) and Jane Walkington-Ellis at (Wed–Fri). An application form with further particulars is available in the MMU Business School Staff Area.

For more information

  • Katherine Roycroft
    Research Project and Development Manager (Mon–Wed)
  • Telephone:
    0161 247 6067
  • Email:

  • Jane Walkington-Ellis
    Research Project and Development Manager (Wed–Fri)
  • Telephone:
    0161 247 3654
  • Email:

  • Gary Lindsay
    Research Administrator
  • Telephone:
    0161 247 2706
  • Email:
  • Knowledge Hub,
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Business School,
    All Saints Campus,
    Oxford Road,
    Manchester, M15 6BH,
    United Kingdom

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