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Scientists reduce MRSA by 90%

Published: 26th February 2007

Trials in city hospital

National Teaching Award

Published: 14th February 2007

Marketing Educator of the Year 2007

How much more do graduates earn?

Published: 7th February 2007

Latest figures from UUK

Climate change warning

Published: 5th February 2007

MMU scientist at world summit

Lund of Hope and Glory

Published: 31st January 2007

Business graduate called up by England

MMU is 'Original Modern University'

Published: 26th January 2007

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Saving the planet!

Published: 22nd January 2007

MMU drive to cut carbon footprint

MMU degrees lead to top jobs

Published: 5th December 2006

Boom for computing, finance, sport and leisure graduates

Ethics of burger giant studied

Published: 23rd November 2006

National award for undergraduate

'Green' award for environmental researchers

Published: 22nd November 2006

Students 'advise' farmers on countryside management