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Flexible Study Options

Programmes for busy professionals

Postgraduate study provides the opportunity to engage in both full and part-time courses of concentrated study in a particular discipline. You may choose to engage in rigorous academic study via these routes or, alternatively, choose the flexible study options that enable you to take one-off dedicated modules in your area of interest while remaining active in your current profession.

Study at your own pace

The flexible study option enables you to complete modules and gain credits towards a qualification (as detailed in the diagram below). Credits can be built up gradually over time at a pace that suits your current schedule and career development needs. We have made it possible to step on and off a particular course of study until you complete your chosen pathway, with three different levels of academic award (PgCert, PgDip and MSc), all of which will add value to your CV.

Professional development

We have also designed a postgraduate level pathway for professionals whose interests and requirements span a number of different business-related disciplines. The Professional Development pathwayenables you to choose modules from a selected number of our Master's programmes, with an opportunity to include work-based learning modules, and achieve a bespoke qualification at all three levels of academic award. For more information on the MSc in Professional Development please contact course enquiries on 0161 247 6969.

Postgraduate internships

All students on Master's awards in the Business School have the opportunity to undertake an optional internship unit that can be used to inform their dissertation. This optional unit allows you to gain four to twelve weeks of experience in a business environment putting your studies into practical application, and at the same time gaining practice credits which will count towards your academic qualification. Internships can commence at any time of the year and can be part-time to fit around your studies, or completed in full-time blocks during study breaks or in the summer term.

The award-winning Business School Placement Team support students by advertising vacancies, assisting with CVs and applications, and seeking opportunities with local and national employers. You'll benefit by enhancing your employability and increasing your competitiveness in the job market. We cannot guarantee an internship to every student, as it is the employer's decision who they take on, but with our support you should be well-placed to be successful in your applications.

Explaining MSc/PgDip/PgCert

Many of our Master's (MSc) programmes can be studied as a Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) or Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip). The difference between a PgCert, PgDip and an MSc is in the amount of credits the course contains. An MSc contains 180 credits; 120 credits of taught units and 60 credits for a dissertation.

If you successfully complete half of the taught units (60 credits), you are awarded a PgCert. If you successfully complete all of the taught units (120 credits), you are awarded a PgDip. If you complete the taught units (120 credits) successfully you can then write a dissertation or research project (another 60 credits) and are awarded an MSc.

Bespoke Master's course: choose your own 30-credit units from a selection of our Master's courses and step on and off until your professional development is complete.
(60 credits):
4 months full-time,
8 months part-time
(120 credits):
8 months full-time,
16 months part-time
(180 credits):
1 year full-time,
2 years part-time
Executive MBA: 20-30 months part-time, 18 months accelerated route