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Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group

Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise (SEEG)

The Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group

Sustainability is one of the five strategic pillars of Manchester Metropolitan University’s strategy. The Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group (SEEG) is at the forefront of sustainability and responsibility research & teaching within the Faculty of Business and Law, also acting as an interdisciplinary bridge between our sister faculties in the University, such as Science & Engineering.

SEEG was established in 2012 around the belief that sustainability, social responsibility and ethical conduct are critical issues for all organisations in the 21st Century. Following its formal launch with an inaugural lecture by Jonathon Porritt in 2014, our primary objective has been to work towards a future which places the sustainable, fair, and ethical development of social, economic and environmental systems centre-stage in a world where rapid climate change, widespread biodiversity loss, depletion of natural resources, and widening societal inequalities make these imperatives more critical now than ever before.

Whilst positive gains and opportunities from the creation of green jobs, green technologies, and the benefits of what constitutes healthier, happier and meaningful lifestyles need our increased focus and attention, increasingly, the evidence suggests that while we have the technologies and knowledge to make a sustainable world, our cultural and sociotechnical lock-ins and ways of thinking hold us back.

How and what our students learn, and how our staff identify research and work together collaboratively, will be crucial to Manchester Metropolitan making a positive impact on the challenges facing the planet.

Relaunching SEEG

In 2016, the University made the strategic decision to invest in a new Chair of Sustainability and Innovation within the Faculty of Business and Law. This gave impetus to a new phase of SEEG’s story, connecting our group to the new University strategy.

Linked to and supporting the work of the new University Environment Institute, and contributing to the existing and on-going work of the University Environmental Strategy Board, we seek to develop and sustain SEEG as a centre of internationally recognised research over the coming two to three years.

Our focus is on targeted areas and themes that bring SEEG’s expertise and strengths to bear on areas of existing and developing priority, strength and focus for Manchester Metropolitan University.

As such, we developed a new mission for SEEG with a relaunch event which took place on 25 October 2017.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing strong and collective leadership, striving with our partners and collaborators to:

  • Produce evidence-based impactful research premised on stakeholder co-creation and inclusiveness
  • Translate our outputs into insights for policy
  • Provide inputs to support exciting and innovative teaching and learning for both the current and future generations

By combining the University’s respective discipline strengths and expertise, SEEG provides a window onto sustainability-related research and activities on topics such as:

  • Entrepreneurship and new business models
  • Community empowerment
  • Responsible innovation and management
  • Organisations, networks and institutional change
  • Eco-systems transformation