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Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group

Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise (SEEG)

“Most businesses are beginning to realise that they need to make changes to meet the combined challenges of resource depletion, climate change and population growth. But all too often, these changes can be slow and incremental - tweaking business as usual to make it more carbon efficient and slightly less wasteful. Given the scale of the challenge we need to take bold action which could challenge the very way that business is constructed. We need innovation, not just at a product level, but at a structural level: at a business model level”

The Sustainable Business Model Group, Forum for the Future, 2012
Jonathon Porritt talks to MMU students before SEEG launch

SEEG Launch Event
with Jonathon Porritt

We were delighted to welcome Jonathon Porritt, the eminent writer, broadcaster and commentator on sustainable development, who spoke at the SEEG launch on 26 February 2014.

Jonathon’s lecture, regarding his vision of a sustainable world in 2050, is the subject of his new book The World We Made, published by Phaidon.

Read more about the launch

The Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group

The Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group (SEEG) was founded by a small group of individuals in 2012 who were brought together through a belief that sustainability and ethical conduct are critical issues for all organisations in the 21st century. Since then the group has grown rapidly and in 2013 was given cluster status by the university to act as a hub for sustainable and ethical activities. SEEG meet on a monthly basis and in 2014 will see the publication of a special issue paper in the Journal of Social Business, edited and largely written by group members.

Mission Statement

SEEG aspires to act as a central hub for researchers, academics, and environmental practitioners within the university who come together and share opportunities, exchange knowledge and work as a collective, so as to forward and to contribute to embedding sustainable and ethical considerations across all aspects of the MMU’s activities. Through such a mission we can ensure that our research is of social value, and that our students enter the working environment with an understanding of the wider socio-economic and environment impacts of everything they do. The group works in partnership with, and in support of the universities award winning Environment Team, in ensuring that Manchester Metropolitan University remains the country’s leading institution in environmental commitments and achievements.


Our Strengths

  • We are a multi interdisciplinary and cross-faculty group . Our members come from across the University with a range of professional skills and competencies.
  • We are applied. We seek to promote ideas and practices that have societal impact.
  • We are curricular. We seek to improve the teaching of and understanding of sustainability issues by students and teachers to enhance the sustainability themes in curriculum.


How We Can Help


  • Take part in teaching, curriculum development and supervision (UG and PG) across faculties and departments
  • Essential training/master classes for early career academics on the relevance of sustainability agenda to the teaching of business disciplines
  • Cross-faculty and institutional level programme and unit level coordination
  • Publications
  • Reports and policy papers
  • Delivery of courses leading to professional qualifications (e.g. CIMA)
  • External knowledge transfer/exchange activities through advisory and consultancy
  • Research dissemination