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Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise (SEEG)

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Previous Events & Meetings

Date Day Time Location Topic & Speakers
25 October 2017 Wednesday 9.00am–7.30pm   Topic
Celebrating SEEG: Relaunch Event 2017

Keynote speakers include:
  • Professor Philippe Laredo, Directeur de Recherche in the Laboratoire Technique Territoire et Sociétés (LATTS), Ecole des Ponts, Paris
  • Professor Erik Fisher, Arizona State University
  • Professor Sally Randles, SEEG, Manchester Metropolitan University
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20 September 2017 Wednesday 12.00pm–2.00pm   Speaker
Professor Frank Boons, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) & Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI), University of Manchester
30 March 2017 Thursday 12.00pm–2.00pm SB 2.05 Topic
An introduction to ABIS activities and members: Celebrating the Faculty of Business and Law becoming ABIS members

Joris-Johann Lensen & Dr Ludwig Roger, Academy of Business in Society, Brussels, Belgium

15 November 2016 Tuesday 12.00pm–2.00pm SB 2.05 Topic
SEEG Lecture with Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchuran

Hosted by
Professor Sally Randles

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12 July 2016 Tuesday 2.00pm–3.00pm BS 3.26 Topic
The Business Case for Sustainability

Professor Janet Haddock-Fraser, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Provost of MMU Chesire


24 May 2016 Tuesday 2.00pm–4.00pm BS 3.13 Topic
Selling Sustainability – Save One Planet, Get One Free

Chris Dessent (Creative Concern)

Chris gave an entertaining and informative talk on how he approaches communicating sustainability messages in a variety of contexts. He talked about the need to engage people’s feelings, present the facts, but also push towards actions.

He also talked about the need to make campaigns personal, given that sustainability and climate change often seem distant to people. He showed us a number of innovative campaigns, from the famous ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ anti litter campaign to Greenpeace’s campaign to stop Lego partnering with Shell. He also gave an example of gamification in a campaign to stop people dropping cigarette butts. Many examples showed how to reframe sustainability issues differently, and as impacting on the individual and their community.

It was followed by a lively debate about sustainability, and how it can be communicated to people. Chris is of the opinion that issues are now more broken down, and easier to communicate. How much the individual consumer about sustainability could do was debated, Chris countered with the huge demand for electric cars.

Overall there was a feeling of optimism in the room that sustainability can be communicated positively and that there is the potential to do more. Chris was also asked about how such campaigns are evaluated. It was very rare that a campaign would not be evaluated, and it is easy to evaluate on line effectiveness via engagement with the website, Twitter mentions and so on. It is hard, of course, to measure long term changes.
17 December 2015 Thursday 1.00pm–3.00pm BS 3.11 Topic
Post-secular research

Jack Christian & Helena Kettleborough
[Christmas meeting refreshments to include mince pies]

  • 1.00pm — Introduction.
  • 1.10pm — Jack Christian to present ‘Post-secular research and its place in a postmodern world’.
  • 1.20pm — Helen Kettleborough to present ‘Exploring the need for a paradigm shift in management research and teaching’.
  • 1.40pm — Jack Christian to respond with talk on ‘Community Accounting for Nature – reaching out across values’.
  • 1.50pm — Terry Biddington to present ‘Adam, Jesus and the last chance saloon for creation’.
  • 2.20pm — Helena Kettleborough wraps up.
  • 2.30pm — Questions.
24 November 2015 Tuesday 2.00pm–3.30pm John Dalton East, 423 Topic
Psychosocial processes involved in influencing pro-environmental decision-making in the organisation: an individual-level interpretative phenomenological analysis

Nadine Andrews

There is a deeply troubling dissonance between the severity and urgency of human-caused ecological crisis and our relatively slow and small collective response. Understanding what might be going on in our psyches for this dissonance to manifest is of critical importance if we wish to avoid worst-case scenarios: good intentions are evidently not enough.

This presentation draws on findings from an interdisciplinary study into the lived experience of six research participants as they act to influence pro-environmental decision-making in their organisations. I present a model of key dynamics and interactions in psychosocial processes that impact their motivation, resilience and effectiveness. The analysis focuses on three factors in particular: psychological threat defence mechanisms and coping strategies, basic psychological needs satisfaction and vitality maintenance, and cognitive frames.

Nadine is completing a PhD at HighWire CDT at Lancaster University and also teaches mindfulness and nature connection in organisations and with the general public. Before embarking on the PhD, Nadine worked for many years in the arts and heritage sector as an independent consultant in strategic marketing, organisational development, management research and evaluation, training and facilitation. In her early career she worked in various aspects of music industry and festival management.


15 October 2015 Thursday 2.00pm–3.30pm Garden Courtyard Room, Hollings Topic
Education for sustainable development

  1. Update ESD/PRME development – Jack Christian
  2. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): its multiple meanings and curriculum practice – Valaria Vargas & Alicia Prowse
9 September 2015 Wednesday 2.00pm–3.30pm TBC Topic
Waste management

  1. Update from MMU Environment team on waste – Alan Dempsey
  2. ‘The Waste Observatory’ – Callum Thomas
  3. Report back from recycling plant – Saica Natur
  4. Potential funding opportunities for waste projects


23 July 2015 Thursday 2.00pm–3.30pm BS 3.03 CANCELLED
16 June 2015 Tuesday 2.00pm–3.30pm BS 3.03 Topic
Research and Knowledge Exchange

  1. RKE funding updates – Gareth Cantello
    Note: all members to submit a couple of paragraphs prior to the meeting detailing their research intersts.
  2. ESRC Knowledge Exchange success – Sue Baines
30 April 2015 Thursday 1pm onwards PM11 Paper Recycling Facility, Partington Topic
Tour of SAICA’s paper mill recycling facility

  • Alan Dempsey (MMU)
  • Ed Randviir (MMU)
  • Mark Miles (MMU)
  • Henry Aborele (MMU)
  • David Roberts (MMU)
  • Iain Cruwys (SAICA)
  • Simon Norris (SAICA Natur)

SAICA visit
17 March 2015 Tuesday     Topic
Environmental Management System and Energy Projects

Helena Tinker (Environment and Energy Systems Manager, MMU)


29 January 2015 Wednesday 2pm–4pm John Dalton 246 Topic
Green Travel initiatives at MMU

Jason Smith


10 December 2014 Wednesday 2pm BS 3.03 Topic
‘Crisis400’ – A review of Climate Issues and solutions

Lewis Endlar (Marketing, Operations and Digital Business, MMU)

MMU Business School as seen from the Mancunian Way
16 October 2014 Thursday 2pm BS 1.15 Topic

Andrea Bernardi (MMU)
10 September 2014 Wednesday 2pm BS 4.05 Topic
The Ostrich or the Phoenix? Dissonance or creativity in a changing climate

Prof. Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester)

Modern day photograph of Albert Square, Manchester at night illuminated by artificial lighting

Further reading
15 July 2014 Tuesday 2pm BS 3.09 Topic
Sustainable Curriculum

  1. Introduction to ‘Jonathon Porritt and our curriculum’ – Liz Walley
  2. Level 4 unit: Some of Jonathon Porritt’s ideas already incorporated – Jack Christian
  3. General discussion & sharing of ideas
  4. ‘Sharing a journey into a wider paradigm’ – Helena Kettleborough
12 June 2014 Thursday 2pm BS 3.09 Topic
The challenges and tensions that face fashion designers and fashion educators as we shift position from ego-centric to eco-centric

Amanda Langdown (Fashion and illustration with Animation, MMU)

Magazine article on Amanda Langdown detailing what she is wearing