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Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group

Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise (SEEG)

Who We Are


A number of passionate individuals have been involved in growth of SEEG. This inter-disciplinary group from across the university have come together to develop SEEG from its nascent conceptual beginnings to its present state as a fully functional cluster with a far-reaching impact. We believe that such a diverse group is vital to overcome the complex challenges associated with Sustainable Development, enabling us to draw from a range of skills and experiences, to offer the most appropriate solutions to such challenges.


Professor Sally Randles
Dr Olga Kuznetsova
Professor Cathy Urquhart
Emeritus Co-Convenor
Liz Walley  
Group Members
Amer Gaffar
Baihua Li
Callum Thomas
Chris Stone
Christopher Paling
David Lascelles
Heather Ross
Helen Malarky
Helena Tinker
Henry Aborele
Holly Preston
Jack Christian
Javier Lloveras
Jennie Shorley
John Hindley
Jonathan Prest
Jonathan Roby
Karen Greig
Nadine Andrews
Prof Nick Dunn
Patricia Rees
Paul Hooper
Philip Scown
Rachel Dickinson
Rebecca Rawson
Richard Warren
Ruairi Revell
Sai Nudurupati
Sally Stone
Sophie Leigh
Susan Baines
Susan Brown
Tamara McNeill
Tasneem Sabir
Tim Edensor
Venetia Grant